Environmental Litigation

MGP has handled complex environmental litigation in multiple jurisdictions for many years; working closely with both insurance carriers and corporate counsel to limit or eliminate liability for environmental claims. This has been accomplished through aggressive use of experts, targeted motion practice, and direct negotiations with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state agencies where necessary.

In litigation involving multiple Potentially Responsible Parties (PRPs) over several tiers of liability, our attorneys have worked with co-defense counsel, the EPA, and state agencies to develop innovative settlement agreements to ensure the cleanup of the site while capping each individual corporation–s liability. In one such case, MGP attorneys obtained de minimus status for a PRP in a twenty-two million dollar lawsuit by the EPA, resulting in a total corporate settlement of only $7,500.

The firm is currently representing a corporation in the largest environmental case ever filed in the State of New Jersey, as well as litigation related to the use of a dump site. MGP attorneys have successfully handled actions brought by both public and private parties related to the discharge of various types of petroleum products under the State Oil Spill acts.